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The goal of treatment with dental implants is the return of aesthetics and/or function to a patient with a missing tooth or teeth.

Several techniques are used to placed dental implants. Guided implant surgery is considered, by many, to be the most state-of-the art method to place implants. Precise implant placement can be achieved using a surgical template or a guide. Dr. Horalek also uses many of the micro surgical techniques from endodontics to place implants with great precision and in a minimally invasive way.

  • Surgical guide used for precise implant placement and accurate depth control
  • Digital impressions with scanning body and surface scanner. No need for runny impression material!
  • Screw-retained, implant-supported restoration. The screw hole was repaired with opaquer and opaque composite resin

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Before, During, and After Guided Implant Surgery Photos

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Digital color xray of of upper dental implant in patient jaw by Raleigh NC endodontist Dr. Horalek
Photo of a 3D model showing missing teeth
Photo showing benefits of Guided Implant Surgery in Raleigh NC

Photo collage showing benefits of Guided Implant Surgery in Raleigh NC Additional photo collage of Guided Implant Surgery benefits in Raleigh NC