After Oral Sedation

Same Day Instructions

Photos of a sunset over mountain ranges On the way home, the patient should be in the reclined position in the car.

Pain Relief and Medications

Dr. Horalek may prescribe pain medications to minimize or eliminate any post-treatment discomfort. These may be taken as needed and as directed. Do not take any medications with narcotics in amounts greater than directed, due to risk of respiratory depression (slowing of respirations).

If the patient is taking any prescribed medications (blood pressure, heart or seizure medication, etc.), these should be resumed on the normal schedule, unless instructed otherwise.

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Supervision At Home

The patient should be able to rest (with supervision), lying down, for the rest of the day if necessary. The patient should have someone accompany him/her into the restroom if he/she feels dizzy, or loses balance when standing up. If the patient feels dizzy or faint, have him/her lie down immediately. Supervision is needed for the day of the procedure and possibly through the night, depending upon the time of day the procedure was performed.

Food and Drink

It is important that the patient receive enough fluids and calories after the procedure, especially if surgery was completed.

What To Avoid

There should be no driving or outside activity for the rest of the day. The patient should refrain from operation of machinery (e.g., cars or lawnmowers) or potentially dangerous toys (e.g., bicycles or scooters) for 24 hours. The patient should not consume alcoholic beverages or any other central nervous system (CNS) depressants (e.g., sleeping pills) for at least 24 hours after taking this medicine.

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